Some long locked maidens around the States joined us “via satellite” on January 12th, or circa, to donate their hair to ‘Locks of Love’. Below are pictures of their beautiful gestures of kindness:
Em’s friend, Annie, in SD had her own little party with Em’s gramma and friends!
I can just hear that cutting sound in my head…
Annie’s mommy Janelle is my friend. I hope we are all still friends after the big cut (wink)
So cute! Thanks, Annie!
Carrie from Minnesota has been growing her locks all year in Noah’s memory.
How cute are you! Great cut, Carrie! Thanks!

The lovely Kelly Vasami from New York drew me a stick figure of her ‘before’ shot, but here’s the fantastic ‘after’! Woo hoo! Thanks, friend!
Jennifer and her sister, Angie, and I went to college together many moons ago (Of course you wouldn’t know it by looking at Jen…young thang!) This cut happened in Missouri! Thanks, Jen! You look great!
(I think you look like Star.)

Here’s Emily from northern Colorado with lots of locks to share.

4 ponytails! Holy Smokes!
You are adorable! Thanks, Emily! That was very selfless!

Below is a copy of the letter I sent along with the Denver box full of ponytails to ‘Locks of Love’.
Dear Locks of Love,

Thank you for the opportunity to donate hair for a good cause. Our son, Noah, had a beautiful head of hair, but he died of an unknown childhood disease. It is in his memory, on the one year anniversary of his death that my friends and I cut our hair to remember him and to encourage kids and their families wrestling with horrible diseases. We pray that these ponytails will be a blessing to you guys in your pursuit to inspire hope in sick children’s lives. Thank you for your ministry and thank you for accepting these tokens of grief.
Adrienne Graves
For me, cutting my hair was a gesture of grief even though it was a fun day. I tend to do things by the seat of my pants, and quite frankly, the day Noah died, I wanted to shave my head like G.I. Jane and tear my clothing. I also wanted to walk in front of a city bus, but Jason wasn’t keen on the idea…expressions of grief are so real and raw and often difficult to express. I’m glad I was able to express my grief in a productive way along with my friends. (Though, shaving my head would have been low-maintenance.) I like my new hair. I’m not complaining, for real, but I think my new found suffering is that I now have high-maintenance hair. I actually have to do it…like wash it, dry it, smooth it, repeat. I can no longer wake up the next day (or the next) and just go. It’s scary. Freaky, actually! I didn’t know hair could go in so many different directions on one head, and I’ve even been in a London subway!

Part 3 will be the before and afters of my friends here in Denver. If there are any more before and afters out there that anyone wants to share, please shoot me an email with them attached. Thanks! Have a great weekend!



6 Responses

  1. AWH! I got the warm-and-fuzzies from seeing the pictures of all these lovely girls! It looks like Annie, Emily and I all got the same haircut! 😉

    Adrienne – I’m glad Jason prevented you from “flying by the seat of your pants” a year ago 🙂 We’re ALL better for it.

    Love and kisses!

  2. I too am struggling with hair that requires styling. Washing an night is no longer an option for if I do, I end up with hair just as you described. 🙂 It was well worth it and I’m reminded of that with every opportunity to tell Noah’s story.

  3. I saw Annie cut her hair and just knew it was for Noah!!! It would be interesting to hear from Locks of Love just how many ponytails they received from around the world in rememberance of Noah!

  4. Short hair does require some work!

    I was thinking… since all who particpated, got their hair cut in a fairly similar style… not neccesarily a “bob”, but you know what I mean… the style of the cut should take “Noah” as its name. Don’t you think?

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