Literally, as soon as I decided I shouldn’t travel within my last 3 weeks of pregnancy, my Braxton Hicks and contractions stopped…more or less. Actually, I took Em and some of her friends from South Dakota to the pool and swam several laps…it totally helped calm the belly down, and was quite refreshing.

I know I just needed a chance to let my heart and mind and body take a break from the ache I feel. It’s not that I stopped caring about the recent circumstances or our grieving friends, I just realized that Big Mama needed a little self care, too.

And, just as a heads up for those who have shot me messages and texts wondering, my appointment last Friday went well and the sweet little guy is head down but NOTHING else is going on! Thank You, Lord! And, thank you, son, for being obedient to both me and your daddy…Jason gave my belly a firm talking to before he left for South Dakota. He told “Nacho” that he needs to chill for at least two more weeks. Two of my girlfriends are coming over tomorrow to help me power nest the nursery and organize my brain/life a little. And, Jason is going to sand and paint the crib and changing table on Saturday.

And, my little sister, who is due the same day, and I are really trying to somehow control the Universe and coordinate our labor. No pressure, right?! No, but it would be convenient for us to deliver around the same time for our doctor’s sake, our parents, visitors, etc…I’ll keep you posted on just how much control I have over the Universe…(don’t hold your breath…I’ve never been able to control it in the past…)

We still don’t have a name for our little man, but for a while have been considering a few favorites. I guess we’ll just have to meet him and see what he looks like he should be named…meanwhile, I affectionately refer to him as “Nacho”. This WILL NOT STICK post-par tum, FYI! So, don’t even try! 🙂

It seems surreal that Jason will soon hold another son in his arms. He’s such a great dad and I know his son will more than want to emulate his daddy’s life. (Actually, I just got an “Amen” from my belly when I wrote that, so…there you go…)

Emily has asked to be the third one after Jason and me, to hold her little brother. I told her absolutely! She’s pretty excited about it. Of course she won’t be in the delivery room with us, but hopefully, if the time of day is conducive, she’ll be right outside the door.

A lot of people have asked if we’ll have a “Sip and See” or “Meet and Greet” after “Nacho” is born. I’m thinking since I haven’t had a margarita since I got pregnant that a “Sip and See” will be totally appropriate 🙂 I’ll let you know! Wink, Wink!

Thank you all for your prayers and continued support of our friends, The Arnolds, of South Dakota, Colorado and New York. We love them all very much and, as Jason wrote on his Facebook page, will miss Ryan every day of our lives. If you don’t know the story or want to know how you may help, go here.



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  1. wow, such excitment waiting around the corner for you! and to share the time with your sister…even better.

    ‘shepherd me oh Lord….from death into life’. p

  2. We can’t wait to hear when “Nacho” is born and I’m sure you will have a great name for him! How exciting that you and your sister are due the same time. Even if you don’t both have your babies the same day they will have a blast growing up together!It was great to see Jason over the weekend although I wished it was for different reasons. I never got a chance to say hi but I sure meant to.

  3. Hey Adrienne! Still here reading and expecting ‘Nacho’ arrival! I have been a silent reader, but have been faithfully continuing to visit here. Cheering for you and for a ‘not too early’ delivery!
    Love from Italy,

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