I’m heading out of town soon to celebrate 25 years with my esposo. We’ll be near […]
ME: “Sweetheart, do you have five minutes?” Him: “I always have five minutes for you.” … My husband […]
Agree to Disagree When my parents moved to Colorado 6 years ago, they drove in from […]
I heard this recently from someone concerned about Target restrooms and transgender persons and homosexuality and how […]
A year ago when we sold our house and stuff and embarked on this journey as […]
*The lovely, wise, tea-sipping truth-teller, Sarah Bessey, has just released her latest book, Out of Sorts: […]
Oh dear. The yelling on both sides is deafening. Meanwhile, I’m over here, all, “Hey, I’m […]
In this short series I’m going to share some things I’m passionate about, but don’t change […]
First of all, thank you guys for all the encouraging feedback, cheering me on to write. […]
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