Such a great package came in the mail today…our pictures from the photographer that came to the hospital on the 12th to capture our most intimate moments with Noah. I’ll share more as the days ahead.

The first one frustrates me! I was so paranoid during Noah’s hospital stay that I not get him “sick” that I kept most of my kisses “confined” to his entire body, save his lips! If I could go back and do it all over again, I’d kiss his lips like there’s no tomorrow…

The second one is how I picture myself quite often these days…nuggling the most tender precious litte bundle. Emily tonight really wished she could just nuggle him one more time, but “REALLY, REALLY TIGHT”, she said. “I just want to SQUEEEEEEEEZE him, mom!”
On our flight home from Minneapolis on Sunday, Emily opened the window shade and said, “Let’s say hi to Noah!” We waved out into the endless dark sky, realizing he wasn’t paying attention at all, seeing as how he’s got WAY more exciting things to do these days…I’m so glad that life on this earth is but a breath.



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  1. Adrienne,

    I have sat and sobbed each time I come back to this blog. You amaze me with your strength to face each day and your undying faith in God. You are such an inspiration to me to strengthen my relationship with God. For the past 2 years of one bad diagnosis after another with my Jayden I have been very angry with God. I have always asked, why me? When in fact God has nothing to do with Jayden being born with this rare genetic disorder. All the sickness and suffering in the world is caused by satan, to test our faith. Your writings are so true. I want to reach through the computer screen and hug you for opening my eyes. Jayden’s story is sort of similar to Noah’s. They have yet to find a specific diagnosis but they do believe that all of his health issues are from a balanced chromosomal translocation of chromosomes 2, 3, 8, 10, and 15 and also an inversion on chromsome 10. It really doesn’t matter how many chromsomes are broken because whether he is with me for many years or just a few more months, my love for him will never die. Even death cannot break our bond. Thank you for continuing to keep us updated with your new lives. Noah was a beautiful baby boy. I am so sad that a cure was not to be found for your precious son.


    Vicki Fields (Jayden’s Mommy)

  2. Truly amazing…
    It is such a gift that a piece of still photography can truly capture the love between a mother and a son. I check your blog everyday in hopes I will hear from you. You have become like a friend and a mentor to me only through words. You are truly inspiring and have a very special gift. Thank you for sharing your most intimate moments with us. Peace and love to you, Jason and Em. Have yourself a “beautiful day”

  3. Adrienne,

    My husband is a High School basketball coach, which, especially this time of year, takes him away from me and our thirteen month old daughter many evenings. At night, I have always been religious about putting her to bed in her crib, never allowing her to sleep in our bed…after all that starts bad habits, right? Well, last night, after looking at Noah’s slideshow for probably the 10th time, I decided to heck with it and I put her to sleep in our bed. I just looked at her for a solid hour. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. She opened her eyes only once and looked around. She recognized our room, of course, but had NEVER been allowed to sleep in it. She looked at me and smiled and giggled, then fell back to sleep. I snuggled with her for hours. All the time I was thinking of little Noah and all that he has taught me over the last few weeks.

    You are right, life is but a breath. It is too short to not truly savor the people around us. It is too short not to take time to snuggle, hug, kiss, tell others how much me love them. I am eternally grateful to Noah and you for teaching me this important lesson.

    Blessings to you…

    Laura- Ohio

  4. Ad,
    You remind us all that NONE of us know if the kiss we give our children is indeed the last. Why hold back our love and affection? Why have regrets later? Thank you for reminding me that I too only have my children on loan from their heavenly father…kiss, hug, snuggle and love.
    Beautiful- you continue to inspire me daily!

  5. your book of life has begun a new chapter ,the testing of your faith has indeed been an inspiration “It is Well”…. that old hymn scripted during the author’s unbearable lost of all four of his precious children at one time gave a message to the world & so will yours.I see Jesus in all your pain .thanks you for sharing it & helping us all.

  6. It has taken me a week but I have read your entire journey and I have been blessed with your faith and trust in God. You are an inspiration for all of us in blog world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing from the bottom of yours. I will continue to pray for you and your family and stop by often as your journey continues.

  7. Such beautiful, peaceful pictures. Thanks for sharing all of these intimate moments. I am consistenly inspired by all that you are…cb

  8. Absolutely breathe taking. I can’t stop coming back to your website. No matter how many tears I shed I have to come back and cherish every moment captured in the pictures. Thank you for sharing your story.

  9. I have pondered for quite awhile why it is that Noah and your family has touch me so deeply(besides the obvious). It really goes deeper than I know. I come to this…I have never seen a family (or person for that matter) deal with loss,pain and adversity, the way that you and Jason have done. The Lord has shown Himself to me through you. I feel conflicted by having such a blessing(renewed faith/trust in His plan) as this (and saying thank you), while you walk through the pain of losing beautiful Noah every moment of every day! I am truly sorry for your loss, my heart grieves with you! I do want to thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts and allowing the Lord of all creation, to spur me on by seeing you walk through this with such confidence and grace.I can see that the Lord is at work! I have shared before the things the Lord has done, but there seems to be more deposits from Noah’s life each day that I am forever changed by! I have fallen in love and my heart is being transformed!


  10. Dear Noah’s family,

    I am so glad that you came safely from Minnesota. We are still praying for you. Dear little Noah is watching you still. Dear Noah’s mom, thank you for sharing your heart with me. Dear Emily, The love of your heart is a good thing to share for your family.Dear Noah’s dad, you care for your baby so don’t be sad .Praise the Lord because Noah went to a peaceful place.

    Praise The Lord .

    Love, Mirim Yoon
    Centennial Christian
    4th grade

    I hope that you are ok beacause Noah was so busy that he didn’t say “hello.”=)
    When we heard about you we were sad from then we always prayed for you and your family was in the prayer request.I hope that you will know that Noah is with God and He will always protect you and will guide you to the right way.
    You will know that Jesus the son of God may love you all the time.
    from Sean
    Praise Jesus=)

  12. Dear Noah’s mom,
    I think now Noah is playing with Jesus and has a smile on its face,it is hard to say good bye to Noah which is your son,but still we have to say: Praise Jesus,Jesus loves you, God is good!!

    Jermiah 29:11
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”

    God is with Noah~Have a great day~!!
    Jenny1 in
    CCS school,
    4th grade

  13. Adrienne,
    The pictures are breathtaking. I have to agree with a previous post that the photographer caught the love and special bond between you and “Noah.” You are a inspiration to us all and there is not a day that goes by that I do not love and snuggle with my little girl! Which I affectionly call her “Doodlebug!!” I look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. Thanks for sharing you life and journey with us. You are making a difference in a ALOT of lives. I would love to meet you, so if you ever make it to East Texas let me know! We live very close to Tyler, Texas!

  14. Ummmm, those kids are in FOURTH grade?! They’re amazing!!

    I realized tonight that since Noah entered the hospital on August 2nd, prayer has become so much more plentiful in our household. And sharing your journey with Jackson has grown us more than I was realizing at the time. God is so great.

  15. Breath of Heaven
    Hold me together
    Be forever near me
    Breath of Heaven

    Breath of Heaven
    Lighten my darkness
    Pour over me, your holyness
    For your holy Breath of Heaven

    This is the chorus to Amy Grant’s “Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song”.

    When I look at these beautiful memories, and remember your precious son, it made me think of this song.

    Thank you again, for sharing your faith and being such an inspiration.

  16. Dear Noah’s family,

    I’m writing this letter to you so you can see what I wrote. Noah is really caring for you. He is with you alwaysin your heart,soul, mind and, Spirit. I am so sorry and sad that Noah died. But I hae to be brave like God. The heart of mine have a God, a one, true, and trusting god. I loved God and belived in him last year with Mrs.Nickel. We prayed together and she helped me pray to God. Have a wonderful time!

    Psalm’s 106;1

    Praise the Lord , give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love endures forever.

    Centennial Christian school, known as CCS.
    Mirim Yoon
    Miss.Morton’s student.

  17. Adrienne,

    The pictures are SO beautiful! What a precious gift, I’m so glad you were able to get them.

    We are all blessed that you decided to keep up the blog and that you may be writing the book too. So many of us have become accustomed (addicted?) to visiting Noah’s blog, and we are still feeling the warmth of him each day you post. It is such a spiritual visit each time I see the words you are moved to share with us. Thank you for the precious gifts you continue to give.

    Love from Delaware!
    -Kelly, Ralph and Jake

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