I know I’ve been MIA…I can’t help it. I’m totally smitten and loving it, but dreading […]
So, I guess since I’m due in less than a week it’s probably time to have […]
After Noah died I could never imagine myself thinking or acting on anything that didn’t have […]
The “Fall of Man” was for sure, by far, hand’s down the crappiest day since the […]
Apparently…stress brings about contractions…or at least mega–Braxton Hicks. Apparently…even though I have been trained throughout my […]
Today, somewhere in the world, it’s already May 2nd. My sweet friend, Carly Dudley, and her […]
So, I did it. I went to my first solo counseling appointment. That’s it. I’m cured…no […]
…and the measures I’ll be taking, as a result. So, not trying to be too raw […]
My sweetest guy snoozing away in his car seat on the 4th of July in SD…if […]
I must confess…I met someone. Well, he found me, or at least found his way into […]
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